The Edge Bistro Restaurant in Whitby; Our Local Review Of The Edge Restaurant in Whitby

I was invited to eat dinner with James, founder of The Whitby Guide at the Edge restaurant in Whitby in order to write a review.

I used to work as a chef in Sydney, Australia. In my time I have eaten some of the best seafood in the world and enjoyed many different dining experiences. I know what goes on in kitchens and can spot a flawed menu or discouraging signs a mile off.

The Edge restaurant on Bridge St in Whitby showed nothing but excellence in every way. The service was fantastic. Attentive but without being intrusive.

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We sat upstairs and our waiter Adrian must have had his workout coming up and down to enquire if or when we were ready to order, or whether we would now like our next course. He was delightful.

Seating Area at the edge

I had no idea when I arrived I was in for such a treat!

The menu was well planned and inspired, with plenty of choice but not too much. I always say beware any restaurant where the menu is huge. Never a good sign.

I’ve worked in such places where food turnover is dubious and enormous amounts of prepped food sit in buckets in fridges for far too long. I have also eaten in restaurants that promise so much, where the prices are high and everything seems elegant and upmarket, only to be disappointed by a stylised plate of over rich or less than tasty cuisine.

The Edge is none of these. This menu shouts fresh, modern, manageable, innovative. A wonderful list of starters offers mouthwatering and imaginative choice.

The mains combine a number of high quality, enticing seafood or meat options, plus several delightful alternatives for vegetarians. As for desserts, well, get ready for 7th heaven.

This was food showing itself off. I was stunned at the gorgeous presentation of the starter. We decided to share half a dozen oysters, not wishing to be too greedy, but after the first one went down I found myself wishing we had ordered at least a dozen.

The Edge Starter

Even for these few delicious morsels they appeared on plates decorated with ice, salad, colours that turned the plates into artwork. They say you eat with your eyes. The Edge has nailed this.

The oysters were sweet, fresher than fresh and as good as any oyster I ate in Australia. That is a high compliment. We ate them virgin, battered, adding lemon, tabasco.

They were heavenly, truly.


For the main I ordered salmon fillet with clams, king prawns, a smatter of prawn bisque and samphire with seasonal vegetables.

Salmon Fillet with clams

Every element was perfect. They really know how to cook seafood to a high standard here. James ordered a stunning casserole of different varieties of fresh and smoked fish, mussels, prawns, under a crust of breadcrumbs and smoked salmon. Again, to die for.

We didn’t order meat but I could see that for anyone who might like that option, the quality of what was on offer was fantastic. From a simple burger to a fillet steak, quality had been prioritised. Equally, for vegetarians the choices were good.

We met at 5 pm and what I had imagined as an early supper, out by 7 latest, turned into a long, delightful evening. Pacing ourselves to chat between courses.

The portions are perfectly measured. Neither too large or too small but there is no way you could leave feeling hungry even if you only had a main course.

I have to say I nearly gave up when asked to order a dessert. By now buttons were being undone. By now I was leaning back in satisfaction, replete, warm and full. But heck.

We were there to do a review so we ordered two desserts and I was by then hoping that James would do them justice.

Desert at the edge

But when they arrived and I cracked the golden sugar crust on the creme brulee, ate the first vanilla rich, light and silky spoonful, I was smitten.

The plate was covered with raspberry coulis, plenty of it, with cream and berries. Then I dived into what I can only describe as chocolate heaven.

A dense chocolate pudding on a biscuit base covered in whipped cream, fresh berries and cherry compote. Gosh I can’t remember the name of it now but you’ve got to try it – best choc pud ever.

Funnily enough the combination of the two puddings took it to a whole other level.

We ended up being the last to leave – rather embarrassing as we finally staggered out into a dark street, uttering a thousand thank yous, after what turned out to be one of the best dining experiences I have had in years.

Coffee. Drinks. Food. Service. All five star. Well done Edge. I will be back. There are many places to eat in Whitby but if you will excuse the pun, this place really does have the edge. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Rose Rylands in October 2019

Rose Rylands is an award winning storyteller and runs organised group walks with Guided Walking Tours of Whitby, a Whitby Ghost Walk, plus regular dates for the Robin Hood’s Bay Ghost Walk.

She leads guided hikes in the National Park and also brings the Tour to the Door with storytelling events in holiday homes and other local venues.

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This week our food writer, Sara Harland, called in to review The Edge Restaurant in Whitby.

Here's the verdict on her family meal for four at The Edge.

The Edge Restaurant in Whitby
The Edge Restaurant in Whitby

The Edge Restaurant in Whitby can be found town centre by walking across Whitby’s 109 year old swing bridge onto Bridge Street.

This restaurant is located near Grape Lane and Church Street where you can find lots of local businesses with Whitby’s individual style.

The Edge Bistro Restaurant is based over two floors with views looking out onto Bridge Street where you can people watch from the window whilst listening to the sound of buskers that perform from their prime spot at the end of the swing bridge.

The A Board and Front Window of The Edge
The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; The A Board and Front Window of The Edge

A Friendly Whitby Welcome

The Edge Bistro Restaurant has just had a fresh new look inside and is open at 11am until 9pm, seven days a week. So, you can enjoy the daytime menu for lunch before a spot of crabbing in Whitby's harbour and there is also a bistro menu that you can order from on an evening before your night stroll around Whitby's cobbled streets.

The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Romantic Window Table
The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Romantic Window Table

My family and I were welcomed by The Edge’s owners Carol and Gary, who are in their third year of running this successful business.

They have renewed the decor with a contemporary style, but original features of the building have been kept as reminders of it’s past. After climbing up a spiral staircase, we were seated in a booth on the second floor with views of Bridge Street where we could enjoy watching the hustle bustle of Bridge Street.

The menu at The Edge Restaurant in Whitby has plenty of dishes to choose from covering all the main Whitby food groups- seafood delights, food from the grill, pasta and homemade gourmet burgers.

The Edge Restaurant in Whitby
The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; View Of The Swing Bridge From The Edge

Tasty Treats For All The Family

We ordered our food and drinks with our lovely waitress and whilst we were waiting for our order she presented us with homemade fresh bread rolls.

The smell of them arriving to our table was delightful and this bread was warm as it was fresh from the oven. For starters I picked my favourite, prawn cocktail (priced at £6.50), which on presentation alone was fabulous and this classic dish never disappoints.

My husband chose mozzarella potato skins, served with leeks, paprika and mozzarella with a garlic and chilli dip (priced at £5.95). These potato skins must have been good because I never got a chance to try any as my husband ate the lot!! His verdict was that they were very good and hit the spot.

My children aged 13 years and 11 years old both decided on garlic bread with cheese (priced at £2.50) as their starters. Again, freshly made bread was used as the base for this dish, it was delicious. Whilst waiting for our main course I was able to study The Edge’s vast gin menu as their bar stocks over 16 different types of gins!!

The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Prawn Cocktail At The Edge
The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Prawn Cocktail At The Edge


The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Jacket Potato Skins With Mozzarella Cheese
The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Jacket Potato Skins With Mozzarella Cheese

Our main course choices were based on recommendations from friends that have been to The Edge previously. I ordered a wild mushroom stroganoff that was served with basmati rice (priced £9.95).

This dish was a generous portion, full of the flavour of the creamy sauce accompany the different textures of the mushrooms – ideal for vegetarians.

My husband chose Italian beef burger served with Parma ham and mozzarella (priced at £10.95). This burger was freshly prepared in house and was presented in a brioche bread bun with a side of fries.

Again, I would like to say I had a sample of this burger, but it was too good to share according to my husband!!!

What impressed me the most was how my fussy teenage daughter enjoyed her meal and she took great delight in the fact it had homemade chips and chicken goujons (priced at £5.25).

She scoffed the lot and it made a change from a child’s meal being the usual frozen affair that is massed produced in restaurants.

My son picked a cheddar cheese burger in a bun (priced at £5.25), which again was all freshly made on site and went down a treat.

The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Mushroom Stroganoff with Basmati Rice
The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Mushroom Stroganoff with Basmati Rice


The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Cheeseburger with Homemade Chips and Beans
The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Cheeseburger with Homemade Chips and Beans


The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Chicken Goujons and Homemade Chips
The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Chicken Goujons and Homemade Chips


The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Italian Beef Burger and Homemade Chips
The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Italian Beef Burger and Homemade Chips

We all enjoyed our feast and we managed to squeeze in a couple of puddings in which my husband finally shared with me!

These desserts were raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake (priced at 5.25) and chocolate heaven, chocolate torte with poached black cherries, a hazelnut crumble and pistachio cream (priced at £7.25).

The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake
The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake


The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Chocolate Heaven
The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Chocolate Heaven


You can always measure a good family meal from the good time we had at The Edge, we were really relaxed in the welcoming atmosphere of this restaurant and we all laughed and talked the whole time we were there.

This is why this restaurant is so popular, it adapts to it’s customers that walk through it’s doors. The whole team behind scene have built up its menu from their experience of working at The Magpie and other restaurants.

It is recommended to make a booking for The Edge at the weekend as it is very busy, and dogs are welcome during the day.

The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Life on The Edge...
The Edge Restaurant in Whitby; Life On The Edge…

Final Word… The Edge Restaurant in Whitby

We all thoroughly enjoyed our food and the key to this was good freshly made dishes created on site.

The Edge Restaurant in Whitby motto is “Live life at the edge. If you don’t live life at the edge you will never see the view.”

This is very true, and I will certainly be back to The Edge.

Address: 13 Bridge St, Whitby, YO22 4BG

Tel: 01947 601110

Reviewed by Sara Harland in 2018

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