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Whitby Lucky Ducks 

Have you heard of Whitby’s Lucky Ducks by Whitby Glass? You can choose your own lucky duck from all the birth month colours; sometimes, they feature one of a kind ducks, too. Here’s more information about Whitby Lucky Ducks.

One of my son’s favourite things to do in Whitby is to pop into the Whitby Glass shop, look at all the Lucky Ducks and pick himself a glass souvenir! He started with picking out his Lucky Duck, and the tradition continued. Now he has a collection of glass dinosaurs, sea animals and ducks! Here’s more information about Whitby lucky ducks and how to get your own.

Whitby Glass, founded by Peter Rantell in 1958

Whitby Lucky Ducks Selection.

In 1958, Peter Rantell decided to leave his glass-making business in a small town in Scotland. He embarked on a journey down the East Coast, searching for a better centre, and stopped for tea in Whitby. During his visit, the Tourism Manager offered him a space in the Spa Pavilion where the public could watch. Peter quickly made friends with the actors next door, and they asked him to make them a lucky charm out of glass. This request sparked an idea, and within two years, Peter had founded the Lucky Duck business at 9 Sandgate.

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Whitby Glass continues today, a group of talented artists and craftsmen specialising in glasswork in the North-East.

What are Whitby Lucky Ducks?

Green Whitby Glass Lucky Duck.

Whitby Lucky Ducks are small, hand-made glass ducks in beautiful, transparent colours. They have been a beloved product sold by Whitby Glass for over 50 years. The Lucky Ducks come in twelve jewel-like colours, each representing a gemstone considered lucky for each month of the year. They make the perfect gift for someone special.

Initially created as a good luck charm for friends in the entertainment industry, their ducks are now protected by copyright. Over the years, Lucky Ducks have gained popularity among holidaymakers, actors, TV personalities, and people from all walks of life. Lucky Ducks have become so famous that they’ve been featured on BBC and ITV television, BBC radio, newspapers, and magazines.

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How to get there

Can’t get to Whitby? You can purchase your Whitby Lucky Duck online. Follow this link.

What else do Whitby Glass sell?

Other glass items Whitby Glass Sell.

As well as Lucky Ducks, Whitby Glass offers a variety of handmade glass animals, including Fish, Poodles, Octopus, Pigs, Teddy Bears, Birds, Dragons, and Swans, as a complement to their well-known Lucky Ducks. Each animal is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. They also stock the world famous “Button in the Ear” Steiff Teddy Bears, John Beswick figurines, Disney figurines and Marbles.

Whitby Glass Sign.

Have you got a Whitby Lucky Duck and a story of the luck it brought you? You can tell us all about it in the comments. There is also a section on the Whitby Glass website where you can read other people’s stories.

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