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Garden centres in and around Whitby

There are plenty of garden centres in and around Whitby if you want to spruce up your outdoor space or wander around and pick up a lovely gift.

We’ve scoured the area to bring you the best garden centres, nurseries, and plant shops in and around Whitby.

If you’re in the Whitby area and looking for some outdoor inspiration, there are plenty of garden centres to choose from. Whether you are looking for plants, flowers, or garden decor, these nurseries have everything you need to brighten up your outdoor space. Plus, many of these shops offer great gift options for the green thumbs in your life. Here are the garden centres in and around Whitby.

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Perry's Plants garden centre near Whitby

The River Gardens, home of Perry’s Plants

The River Gardens is a historic venue situated by the River Esk. The estate has been around for over a century, initially starting as a family home with Victorian Tea Rooms and recreational activities such as tennis and croquet. In the 1970s, Pat and Bill Perry purchased the property when it was in a state of disrepair. The house’s lounge was transformed into a tearoom, and there were old boathouses, caravans, and holiday cabins scattered throughout the grounds. They spent years rejuvenating the area and creating stunning landscapes.

Today, their son Richard and his wife Sharon manage the Garden Centre, which started as Pat’s hobby and now specialises in unique plants. Meanwhile, their daughter Jackie runs the licensed cafe located in the renovated, old holiday cabins that overlook the river. The River Gardens remains a family-owned business.

Perry’s Plants

Perry’s Plants offer an array of plants that are propagated, grown, and sold on site. You’ll be amazed at the variety, including rare and unusual species and varieties that are difficult to find anywhere else. They have even introduced several plants into cultivation nationwide, such as Osteospermum ‘Stardust,’ which can be purchased in Britain, Ireland, and America.

Their selection of pond plants is unrivalled in the area, with water lilies, marginal plants, oxygenators, and floaters all available for purchase. If you’re looking for garden supplies or garden-related gifts, their garden shop has a large range of terracotta pots on outdoor stands, composts, trellising, tree stakes, and so much more.

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Poets Cottage garden centre in Lealholm

Poets Cottage

The Poet’s Cottage Nursery has a rich history that dates to the late 70s. It was founded by Hilda Rees, who started selling cuttings over the garden gate. Her nursery quickly gained popularity in the 80s and 90s for its variety and value. As Hilda grew older, she took a step back from the business and handed over the reins to Ilona and her husband Steve, who had worked in the nursery in its early days. The garden, located at the home of the famous Yorkshire dialect poet John Castillo, is often referred to as ‘Poets Corner’. They take great care in sourcing the best plants and trees for their nursery locally and from overseas.

Shrub Nursery

Poets Cottage Shrub Nursery is located on the banks of the River Esk in the heart of Lealholm, just a stone’s throw away from the train station and public car park. Wander through their beautifully manicured gardens showcasing an impressive selection of trees, shrubs, herbaceous borders, rockeries, patio plants, and planted troughs. They boast an extensive range of plants to suit every season. Be sure to look at their calendar for some seasonal inspiration.

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Dean's Garden Centre

Dean’s Garden Centre

This family-run business has been a staple in the Stockton-on-the-Forest community since 1968 when Mr & Mrs Dean opened their doors to the public. Since then, the centre has grown to cover more than four acres and has even expanded to include a second location in Scarborough. One of the things that sets Dean’s apart is their commitment to quality. They produce their own spring and summer bedding plants, herbaceous perennials, and vegetable plants from their nursery site just a short distance from the York store. And if you’re looking for a splash of colour during winter, they also produce an excellent crop of cyclamen in the run up to Christmas.

At Dean’s, they take pride in being a local family with strong roots in the community. When Mr & Mrs Dean retired in 1993, their three children took over the day-to-day running of the business.

Coffee Shops

Dean’s also boasts two popular coffee shops – ‘The Bothy’ at York and ‘Gardener’s Choice’ at Scarborough – where visitors can enjoy hot and cold meals, drinks, and snacks all year round.

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Victoria Farm Garden Centre in Whitby

Victoria Farm Garden Centre

This family-run garden centre offers a diverse selection of products suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, ranging from unique gifts to essential gardening equipment. Their plant stock is updated seasonally, ensuring everything is fresh and healthy for your garden or patio during the appropriate time of year. They have a lovely cafe too for a scone, cake, or delicious meal.

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B&M Store Whitby

B&M Store Whitby

The B&M Store in Whitby also has a garden centre section. They feature various outdoor furniture, potting and bedding supplies, gardening tools and equipment, and more. It’s worth a visit, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their exceptional products at such affordable prices.

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Burniston Nurseries in Scarborough

Burniston Nurseries

Burniston Nurseries in Scarborough sells seeds, alpines, herbs, annuals, perennials, shrubs, roses, fruit canes and much more. They also have garden furniture available. They offer deliveries and are very active on Facebook, so you can follow them and check out the latest stock and offers.

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Whether you are a keen gardener or a beginner, there are plenty of garden centres in and around Whitby cater to all your gardening needs. From plants to tools and even expert advice, these centres have got you covered.

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