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Piglets Adventure Farm Review, Halloween Pumpkin Picking in York

Pumpkin picking, corn cannons, a maize maze, and plenty of pizza! Are you thinking of visiting Piglets Adventure farm near York? Please read our full review to find out more.

We were visiting York and Whitby for half term and we were desperate to find somewhere fun and different to celebrate Halloween. We chose the Pumpkin Festival at Piglets Adventure Farm and were not disappointed! Pumpkin picking, corn cannons, a maize maze, and to top it off, pizza! We hope you enjoy our Piglets Adventure Farm Review.

Piglets Farm is a great place for children

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We had never been to Piglets Adventure Farm before, a friend recommended it to us, and we left feeling very impressed. There is so much to do there. They have some charming and different activities on site. We chose to visit for their Pumpkin Festival event because there is no better Halloween activity than picking and then carving your pumpkin.

Piglets Adventure Farm is just 15 minutes from the centre of York and around a 40 minute drive from Whitby. Ticket prices vary depending on the time of year and the event at the time. Information on tickets and prices are available here.

Tractor at Piglets Farm a great day out near to York

At Piglets Adventure Farm, there are lots of areas to explore, and it’s all close together so that you can do everything without much walking. This is great if you visit on a rainy Autumn day as we did; it’s also great for toddlers. You can leave the pram behind, which is helpful if you visit when it is very wet and muddy!

We loved visiting even in the rainy weather as it meant lots of muddy puddles to jump in; make sure you check and prepare for the weather. It can get very messy! We chose to try the Maize Maze first.

Maize Maze

Our review of the maize maze at Piglets Farm

Inside your free activity pack handed to you at the entrance is a maze activity called ‘Gruesome Ghosts of York’ you have to find each character in the maze and then read their information board. As you go, you can fill in the quiz and match their names to their pictures.

We had lots of fun trying to find the characters in the Maize Maze; we found this a fun way to get children to read and learn outdoors.

Maize Maze at Piglets Farm near to Whitby and York

There were other smaller farmyard characters inside the maze, which is excellent for young little ones to follow the activity. They can still join in and enjoy getting a little lost in the maze!

Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin festival here takes place on selected weekends in October 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th and every day from the 22nd – 30th of October.

Pumpkin In Wheelbarrow at piglets farm in Wirral

The entire family will have stacks of fun at this outdoor adventure. Each full-paying child aged one and over receives a free pumpkin which they can get stuck into carving safely in the Pumpkin carving tent. No mess at home needs a round of applause.

The little wheelbarrows are a cute touch! You can get lovely photos of your friends or family while they choose their Pumpkins in the field.

Corn Cannon

Corn Cannon at Piglets Farm just a short drive from Whitby

Behind the Farmyard trail and next to the Pumpkin Patch is the Corn Cannon! We had never seen anything like this before, and it was lots of fun. You have to try and hit the targets with corn; the staff running this activity were friendly and helpful. Even in the wind and rain!

Farmyard Trail

The animals at Piglets are on a pathway to the right. First, you cross a bridge over a pond and then there is a one-way system around the animal pens. You can’t feed the animals here, but they are all friendly. We were in our element stroking sheep, donkeys, Shetland ponies, and alpacas. All the animals looked very healthy and well cared for.

Farm Yard Trail at Piglets Farm Near York

They have an inside area where getting close to the animals is really easy. Although the farm isn’t huge, the small details made Piglets great for us, such as there being windows in the pigsty so toddlers can see at their level. There were also steps or low barriers for them to look into the animal’s homes.

Indoor Farm At Piglets

We felt safe at Piglets Adventure Farm with their one-way system in place; social distancing advised, hand washing stations, and plenty of hand gel stops.

Outdoor play areas

Sandpit at Piglets Farm

There are a few outdoor play areas at Piglets Adventure Farm. They have two giant bouncy pillows, which are great for tiring out little ones. In addition, there is an obstacle course with play towers, slides, and sandpits at the base, plus a build-and-play sandpit. The sandpit was a huge hit, even in the rain.

Grab a bite to eat

We finished our trip with a tasty pizza whilst sheltering from the rain. There are plenty of picnic benches if you prefer to take your food.

Pizza at Piglets Farm

We loved every minute of our day at Piglets Adventure Farm for their Pumpkin Festival event. We would love to visit again, especially in the summer when we can try some of the activities it got too rainy to take part in. After visiting we spent some time in Whitby and York too, the location of this farm is ideal.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Piglets Adventure Farm review. How are you spending this Halloween? Let us know if you have ever visited in the comments below!

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