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Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay Walk

Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay is a great walk with so much to see and enjoy. From coastal heights to moorland scenery, here’s everything you need to know about the Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay walk.

This 11-mile walk guides you through some of the most beautiful North York Moors landscapes. It will take you on an adventure from the picturesque heights of Ravenscar, across Howdale Moor, down to the old Scarborough to Whitby line then finally along to Robin Hood’s Bay.

Ravenscar Walk To Robin Hood's Bay

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We love this walk because it features such a variety of things to see and do. From sea views, exploring Boggle Hole, rock pooling and fossil hunting to experiencing the vast moorland, the Cleveland Way National Trail and the Cinder Track. Here’s everything you need to know about the Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay walk.

A Brief History of Ravenscar

Let’s go back to the 17th Century when the shale at Ravenscar contained alum. This was a chemical that fixed and brightened dyes for textiles. For 250 years Ravenscar became an industrial site, it had quarries, cottages for the hundreds of workers to live there and a very busy harbour. Running through the Peak Alum Works site is the Cleveland Way, it’s great to visit if you’re interested in this history, there are plenty of interesting information boards that explain the ruins and the process of creating alum. 

Grey Seal On Ravenscar Beach Header

Beautiful Ravenscar was eventually purchased in 1895 by a group of property developers. They had a huge dream of turning it into a holiday resort popular enough to rival Scarborough. However, the dreams were shattered as money ran out quickly and the developers went bust. This left Ravenscar as a half-built resort with one large hotel, the Raven Hall. Maybe this was a good thing though, as now Ravenscar is a place of peace and tranquillity, set in nature with a seal colony for company. 

Ravenscar to Robin Hoods Bay Loop Walk

11 Miles | Takes 6 hrs 30 mins 

This is a walk that is not for the faint-hearted, it is long and at points can be very challenging. There are steep descents and ascents at Boggle Hole and Stoupe Beck and sections of rough tracks. This can of course be very slippy during and after rainy spells. Please wear appropriate footwear and take caution. Due to the location the weather here often changes rapidly and can cause poor visibility too. 

Take caution with dogs. Dogs have to stay on public rights of way whilst on Howdale Moor. It is advisable to keep them on a short lead at all times through this walk, as there will be an abundance of wildlife they can disturb. There are stiles they will need to cross, and horse riders often use the railway track.

Ravenscar Walk To Robin Hoods Bay View

Start at the Ravenscar National Trust Coastal Centre, there are plenty of public places to park on the nearby road. Here you can learn about the local area, wildlife watching, walking and cycling routes and much more. They sell refreshments, and there are picnic tables outside so you can prepare yourself for the walk with a hot or cold drink and a snack whilst enjoying the view.

From here you head straight down the concrete track which is located right at the front of the centre until you reach signs stating ‘Trail’ and ‘Cleveland Way’, keep right at the Cleveland Way sign. Next, you will come across a narrow path, this is a public footpath. You will need to take a sharp left to follow it. Cross over a stone bridge then turn right through a gate. Continue on and follow the track up until you pass Cragg Hall Farm.

When you reach the lane you will need to turn right and continue on until the tarmac finishes, then cross over a stile and stay to the right. At this point you should be at a field, head for the gate at the top corner of this field, go through and turn left. Take caution as you will come across a road, once you cross over you can follow the bridleway over the moor.

Continue straight on the bridleway until you reach the crossroads of tracks and then bear right. You will find yourself at another road to cross, cross over and again follow the Spring Hill bridleway. When you reach a farmyard go through it and then through the gate. Continue on and stay left, then turn right along the concrete track. Take the next two rights off the bridleway then after another gate, continue to follow the path.

You are heading through Ox Wood next, there are waymarks here to follow as you will go left, right and left again. Turn right, cross the stiles and keep straight on. When you come across a stile that is signposted ‘Howdale’ you need to stay right, cross another style and you will come to a small road and bend.

Turn left heading downhill and follow this road until you get below the house. You will then need to turn right and head through two kissing gates. From here you can follow the path into the woodland. Cross another bridge and stile and head straight over the field. After another stile, you will need to turn left and then take a right into the woodland. Cross a wooden bridge.

Continue over the shale tip and along the track. You should soon reach the Trekking Centre, from here you will need to go through stone gateposts, continue down through the yard and turn left. Now you should be on an old railway line. Continue on and at the farm, there will be a signposted stile reading ‘Footpath to the beach’ turn right over it.

Boggle Hole YHA

When you are in Robin Hood’s Bay, head right up Flagstaff Steps and continue left along the cliffs until you reach Boggle Hole and Stoupe Beck. You can easily reach Boggle Hole at low tide to explore it. There is now a youth hostel there which has a dog-friendly walkers’ café to enjoy.

There is a footbridge at Stoupe Beck, cross here and turn right uphill to follow the Cleveland Way again. Turn left at the sign that reads ‘Cleveland Way, Alum Works’. Turn left and head back to Ravenscar. Find further information here.

We love this Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay walk, it’s such a great way to explore the Jurassic coast and spend time outdoors. Let us know if you have ever completed it and what you thought in the comments.

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  1. Found great fossils of coral ! and a small Ammonite in the shale too.
    It took 5 hours and the National Trust staff were brilliant with info on sea tides etc. Thank you.


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