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Instagrammable Spots On The North Yorkshire Coast

The North Yorkshire Coast a stunning place to visit and full of beautiful Instagram photos to capture. Below we look at 10 of the most Instagrammable spots Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay & Runswick Bay

The North Yorkshire Coast is as foreboding as it is beautiful. Tiny fishing villages nestle into coves that hug sharp cliff edges jutting out into the North Sea. The ebbing tide reveals sweeping sandy bays with fossil treasures to discover. Stories of vampires, sea captains and smugglers abound and whisper down the narrow, cobbled streets and through the coastal villages and towns. This part of North Yorkshire is truly picturesque and ideal for snapping that perfect Instagram shot to share with your followers.

Our guest blogger Cat Thomson has researched and snapped some of the most Instagrammable spots on The North Yorkshire Coast.

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In no particular order…

Saltburn Cliff Lift

1. Saltburn Cliff Lift

The Cliff Lift in Saltburn-by-the-Sea looks like it’s been plucked straight from a Wes Anderson movie and symbolises the Victorian charm of this seaside town. The lift was built to satisfy the Victorians who found the walk down to the beach side much too steep and had been put off from visiting the newly built pier! Find Saltburn at the north end of the North Yorkshire Coast.

Staithes from the Cleveland Way

2. Staithes from the Cleveland Way

There’s nothing quite like a viewpoint and this one on the Cleveland Way gives you a spectacular view of Staithes. The village nestles perfectly in a cove with cliffs towering on either side. Uncover this spot by following the Cleveland Way past the iconic Cod & Lobster pub, through the village then up the hill.

Thatched Cottage of Runswick Bay

3. Thatched Cottage of Runswick Bay

You can find this gorgeous thatched roof cottage perched on the edge of the tiny picturesque village, Runswick Bay. It really must be one of the most photographed cottages along the North Yorkshire Coast and it’s not surprising to see why; it epitomises the rugged beauty of this imposing coastline. I wonder what it must feel like to be inside as a storm rages across the North Sea.

Sandsend Cottages

4. Sandsend Cottages

For a row of quintessential English cottages head to the charming village of Sandsend. It stretches out along the coastline north of Whitby and you can take this snap in The Valley. Which one would you choose to live in?

Whitby Beach Huts

5. Colourful Beach Huts

Nothing shouts summer at the seaside quite like super cute beach huts. There are two specific spots to capture these along the North Yorkshire Coast. Add a splash of colour to your Instagram feed with a photo of the rainbow painted beach huts you can find either at Whitby Beach beneath West Cliff or just along from the Cliff Lift in Saltburn.

Grape Lane in Whitby

6. Grape Lane

Delightful Whitby straddles the River Esk and on the East Bank you will discover a series of cobbled streets lined with beautiful shops. My favourite of these is the charming Grape Lane. Several of the buildings have intriguing windows and shop fronts which make for an unusual photo. Plus, Grape Lane is also home to the Captain Cook Memorial Museum.

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Whitby's 199 Steps

7. The 199 Steps

One of Whitby’s most iconic locations, snapping the 199 Steps is a must for your Instagram. They lead from the streets of the East Bank of Whitby up to St Mary’s Churchyard with a beautiful view that makes the steep climb incredibly worthwhile! If you’re after a photo with the gentle light of sunrise and no people then you’ll have to face getting up early. This photo was taken at 6.30am. Just a few hours later the steps had plenty of people making the journey up and down them.

Whitby Abbey

8. Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey stands strong and formidable on the headland overlooking the toybox seaside town below. You may well know that the impressive Gothic ruins were the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula and they are well worth a visit. The Abbey makes a striking shot, especially at sunrise as the morning light casts a soft golden glow onto the ruins.

Peacock Row Robin Hood's Bay

9. Peacock Row

Robin Hood’s Bay is one of my favourite places in the whole of Yorkshire. It’s full of steep streets, winding cobbled paths and gorgeous cottages that hide tales of pirates and smugglers. Enjoy getting lost as you explore the criss crossing pathways. No street, however, is quite as charming and postcard ready as Sunny Place looking up to the corner of Peacock Row!

Terracotta Rooftops of Robin Hood’s Bay

10. Terracotta Rooftops of Robin Hood’s Bay

From a grassy field near The Old School there’s a perfect spot to look back across the fisherman’s cottages of Robin Hood’s Bay dressed in their distinctive terracotta rooftops. Legend says that a barrel of rum could be smuggled from the harbour all the way up to the top of the village without seeing the light of day. It certainly changes your perception of this view when you imagine what was happening beneath the surface of the village!

Which is your favourite location? Please comment below if you wish to suggest an Instagrammable spot for this article.

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