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Whitby Books, 21 Books About Whitby You Must Read

We all already know Whitby is one of the best places in the world to visit. But what if you want to learn even more about the town? Well, there are lots of Whitby books you might wish to read.

Here are some of our top recommendations for the best books about Whitby. From walking guides to gothic novels, these Whitby books are fantastic if you love this unique seaside town.

Scravir, While Whitby Sleeps (Book 1)

Scravir, While Whitby Sleeps.

Scravir is a fast-paced modern gothic thriller set in a stormy Whitby during the annual Goth Festival. Whether you love to visit Whitby or are desperate to take a trip to see it, this novel will transform how you imagine this seaside town; it blurs the lines between reality and imagination. What could be hiding right in front of your eyes? What do you miss because we live daily without looking? Its exciting twists and turns will have you hooked. Read our full review here.

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Scravir II, Lacklight (Book 2)

Scravir II, Lacklight.

The perfect follow-up! Daniel’s girlfriend Tiffany is getting on with her life in Whitby, but former Dutch policeman Get Muyskens can’t let go of the past. Mysterious deaths begin to happen again. Are the scravir back? Is Lupei really dead? How is Daniel involved in all of this? Where is Daniel?

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The Whalebone Archers

The Whalebone Archers.

C.M. Vassie has captivated us again with his collection of short stories, all set in the beautiful town of Whitby. There are sixteen tales, all providing an alternative guide to exploring our favourite place. We loved deciphering the moments of truth buried in fascinating, funny and spooky tales. The map included in this book is a great touch and is there to guide you around Whitby. Will you distinguish fact from fiction? Don’t worry. Endnotes are at the back of the book to give you a hand! This is a fun, enticing and delightful read. It’s a fantastic gift for any fan of Whitby and its history.

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Historic Walking Guides Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay, Runswick Bay & Staithes

Historic Walking Guides Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay, Runswick Bay & Staithes.

Love walking? Then treat yourself to this book. Discover the history of Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay, and Staithes on the North Yorkshire Coast through themed walks, beautifully illustrated with maps, pictures and exciting stories. From the legend of Dracula and the ruinous Abbey to the tales of Captain Cook in Staithes and smuggling in Robin Hood’s Bay, this book is the perfect pocket guide for staying on the North Yorkshire Coast. In Whitby, you’ll find ten walks that take you through the streets and ancient buildings. There’s even a pub crawl walk, which might be our favourite! Read our full book review here.

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A Witch Hunt in Whitby

A Witch Hunt in Whitby.

In Yorkshire, a serial killer is on the loose and has already taken three lives within three months. The killer paints a giant purple V on the front door of the victim’s house eleven days before each murder. All the victims have some connection to the occult and are discovered with two red marks on their necks, drained of blood. When Ruby Barnett returns home to find a sizeable purple V on her front door, she realizes she is the next target of the so-called Vampire Killer. Private Investigators Kitt Hartley and Grace Edwards are tasked with solving the case and saving Ruby’s life, with only eleven days to do so. Time is running out, and the stakes are high.

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Dracula by Bram Stoker (Paperback)

Dracula by Bram Stoker (Paperback)

Immerse yourself in the spine-tingling story that begins with a trip to Transylvania, where the secrets of Count Dracula’s London acquisition are revealed. In Victorian England’s shadows, unsettling events occur – a mysterious shipwreck, enigmatic puncture marks on the neck, a madman’s terrifying prophecies, and a brave group of opponents prepared for a showdown.

Experience the thrilling masterpiece that explores identity, sanity, and the forbidden desires of the time. Includes an introduction and notes by the renowned Maurice Hindle, as well as a haunting preface by Christopher Frayling. Prepare to face your deepest fears! This paperback version is of the classic novel Dracula by Bram Stoker.

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Dracula in Hardcover, Chiltern Classic

Dracula in Hardcover, Chiltern Classic.

This is a luxury hardback edition of Stoker’s famous novel. Chiltern produces it, publishers of beautifully crafted editions of the World’s finest literature. The tactile layers, fine details and beautiful colours of the remarkable cover make this novel feel extra special and will look striking on any shelf. This is the perfect gift for any Whitby or Dracula fan.

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The Whitby Witches

One of the most famous books about Whitby, The Whitby Witches, inspired The Power of Dark. Now part of the Egmont Modern Classics range, this latest edition of Robin Jarvis’ Whitby book comes with unique new bonus material. Many who have read Whitby books will already be familiar with the story, which centres on orphans Ben and Jennet who arrive in the town, but it is well worth revisiting. If you enjoy reading The Whitby Witches you could also get stuck into the Deptford Mice and Whitby Witches series, which Jarvis has also written.

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The Whitby Murders

The Whitby Murders.

A murder with three witnesses. But one of them doesn’t believe what she saw. DCI Jim Oldroyd’s daughter Louise is in town with friends for a goth festival. But their visit to an escape room ends in bloody murder when one of the group stabs his girlfriend and flees the scene. It’s a crime with three witnesses-but Louise refuses to take what she saw at face value. Will they expose the truth and stop the horror before it’s too late?

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The Whitby Trap

The Whitby Trap.

The year is 2022, and a group has arrived at a holiday cottage for a weekend of relaxation. However, things worsen when one unknowingly steps through an open doorway that should have been left alone. This occurrence is not uncommon, as many have fallen into the Whitby Trap before. Their problems persist even when they find themselves transported to the early 19th century or when they manage to escape the jaws of the harbour. What mysteries lie beneath the old town hall? Prepare for an adventure through time as you explore the ancient town of Whitby.

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Secret Whitby

Secret Whitby.

Even if you have been coming to Whitby for many years, you will likely learn something you did not know by reading Secret Whitby. Co-authors Ian Thompson and Roger Frost have created a brilliant book you will go back to again and again—the ideal companion to a holiday in Whitby.

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A History of Whitby

A History of Whitby.

Some of Whitby’s legends are well known worldwide, but author Andrew White has gone well beyond the surface in his tome, A History of Whitby. Claimed to be the only comprehensive history of Whitby, a fully updated version was launched at the start of 2019 after the book’s previous edition completely sold out. There are new illustrations to enjoy in the latest edition of A History of Whitby, making it well worth a purchase for anyone interested in reading Whitby books.

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Whitby History Tour

Whitby History Tour.

Perhaps best described as an ideal companion piece to A History of Whitby, author Robin Cook shows readers both the most famous sights of the town as well as some of its secret spots. This Whitby book comes with a convenient location map, making it easy to spend lots of time poring over to see everything the town offers.

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Murder at Whitby Abbey

Murder at Whitby Abbey.

Many Whitby books tend to be non-fiction, but instead, this novel is set in the coastal town. Author Cassandra Clark has amassed plenty of loyal readers through her popular series An Abbess of Meaux Mystery, and she might pick up more after the release of this book. If you buy and enjoy this book, you might wish to read the rest of the long-running series – Murder at Whitby Abbey is book 10! – starting with Hangman Blind.

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Whitby After Dark

Whitby After Dark.

Another story set in Whitby here, with a tale of vampires, shifters and demons created by writer Stella Coulson. The novel, first released in 2014, tells the story of teenager Lenore Lee, who moves to the town and is engulfed in plenty of drama. The book’s inspiration comes from Dracula, and it is the start of a series by Coulson. For this story, she won a Golden Book Award Reader’s Choice Semifinalist Award in Horror by Golden Box Books.

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Whitby Between the Wars

Another historical look at Whitby, Whitby Between the Wars, tells many of the town’s untold stories between World War I and World War II. Author Colin Wilkinson presents a gripping book about what happened in Whitby between 1919 and 1939, featuring many old pictures of the town. It is fascinating to see how much Whitby has changed over the years despite some things staying the same!

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The Whitby Ghost Book: Hauntings Legends & Superstitions

The Whitby Ghost Book: Hauntings Legends & Superstitions.

Most people probably already know some ghost stories about Whitby, but anyone interested in the supernatural should consider picking up this Whitby book. The Whitby Ghost Book: Hauntings Legends & Superstitions has been compiled by Paul McDermott, the former Collector of Dues of Whitby Harbour. The same writer has produced a few other books about Whitby, including Christmas Customs of Old Whitby, which is also highly recommended.

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Whitby: A Pictorial History

Whitby: A Pictorial History.

An ideal coffee-table-type book, it is clear a lot of love has gone into Whitby: A Pictorial History. This brilliant book about Whitby features dozens of drawings, maps and photographs that are presented in black and white—a fascinating read.

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The Original Ghost Walk of Whitby – The Tour in a Book

The Original Ghost Walk of Whitby - The Tour in a Book.

Whitby books that focus on ghost stories are pretty common, but this one might be one of its kind’s best. The Original Ghost Walk of Whitby – The Tour in a Book, by author James J Browne, features some of the most famous Whitby ghost stories and some less-heralded tales. Perhaps the highlight of this one is its detailed background to the legendary story of Dracula.

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Whitby Through Time

Whitby Through Time.

Another effort from author Robin Cook makes it into our list of the best books about Whitby. Whitby Through Time has sold over 250,000 copies since it was first released, so it is undoubtedly one of the most popular Whitby books ever written. Did you know Whitby’s role in shaping the church’s development in England? This book goes into an excellent level of detail about that time.

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Around Whitby

Around Whitby.

Last but not least, Around Whitby is another of the best picture books about Whitby available. This book is part of the Images of England series, with author D.G. Sythes having compiled it.

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  1. I was in Whitby in 2000 and while climbing the 199 steps a fella came along and asked if he could take our picture sitting on the “coffin rests”.
    That,s how we found out about what they were. The chap said he was making a book about Whitby, would really like to find out if it came to anything. I wish now we had gotten his name. Do you know of any picture books that I could research?


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