Whitby books, 14 books about Whitby you must read

We all already know Whitby is one of the best places in the world to visit. But what if you want to learn even more about the town? Well, there are lots of Whitby books you might wish to read.

Here are some of our top recommendations for the very best books about Whitby.

Secret Whitby Book

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Secret Whitby

Even if you have been coming to Whitby for many years, you are likely to learn something you did not know by reading Secret Whitby.

Co-authors Ian Thompson and Roger Frost have created a brilliant book you will go back to again and again. The ideal companion to a holiday in Whitby.

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History Of Whitby Book

A History of Whitby

Some of Whitby's legends are well known all over the world but author Andrew White has gone well beyond the surface in his tome, A History of Whitby.

Claimed to be the only comprehensive history of Whitby, a fully updated version was launched at the start of 2019 after the previous edition of the book completely sold out.

There are new illustrations to enjoy in the latest edition of A History of Whitby, making it well worth a purchase for anyone who is interested in reading Whitby books.

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Whitby History Tour Book

Whitby History Tour

Perhaps best described as an ideal companion piece to A History of Whitby, author Robin Cook shows readers both the most famous sights of the town as well as some of its secret spots.

This Whitby book comes with a very handy location map, which it is easy to spend lots of time poring over in order to see everything that the town has to offer.

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Whitby Books - Murder at Whitby Abbey

Murder at Whitby Abbey

Many Whitby books tend to be non-fiction, but instead, this novel is set in the coastal town.

Author Cassandra Clark has amassed plenty of loyal readers through her popular series An Abbess of Meaux Mystery and she might just pick up more after the release of this book.

If you buy this book about Whitby and enjoy it then you might wish to read the rest of the long-running series – Murder at Whitby Abbey is book 10! – starting with Hangman Blind.

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Whitby After Dark

Whitby After Dark

Another story set in Whitby here, with a tale of vampires, shifters and demons created by writer Stella Coulson.

The novel, which was first released in 2014, tells the story of teenager Lenore Lee, who moved to the town and is engulfed in plenty of drama.

The inspiration of the book clearly comes from Dracula, but it is worth checking out and it is the start of a series from Coulson. She won a Golden Book Award Reader's Choice Semifinalist Award in Horror by Golden Box Books for this story.

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Did You Know? Whitby: A Miscellany

Did You Know? Whitby: A Miscellany

Compiled by Julia Skinner, Did You Know? Whitby: A Miscellany has been around for quite a few years but it is certainly worth picking up even now.

This Whitby book makes up part of a series of gift books and they really do make an ideal gift.

If there is a loved one in your life who adores Whitby, this could be the perfect present for them!

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The Whitby Witches

The Whitby Witches

One of the most famous books about Whitby, The Whitby Witches inspired The Power of Dark.

Now part of the Egmont Modern Classics range, this latest edition of Robin Jarvis' Whitby book comes with special new bonus material.

Many people who have read Whitby books will already be familiar with the story, which centres on orphans Ben and Jennet who arrive in the town, but it is well worth revisiting.

If you enjoy reading The Whitby Witches you could also get stuck into the Deptford Mice and Whitby Witches series, which have also been written by Jarvis.

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Whitby Between the Wars

Whitby Between the Wars

Another historic look at Whitby, Whitby Between the Wars tells a lot of the untold stories of the town during the period between World War I and World War II.

Author Colin Wilkinson presents a gripping book about what happened in Whitby between 1919 and 1939 that also features a lot of old pictures of the town.

It is fascinating to see just how much Whitby has changed over the years, despite some things managing to stay pretty much the same!

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The Whitby Ghost Book

The Whitby Ghost Book: Hauntings Legends & Superstitions

Most people probably already know some ghost stories about Whitby, but anyone with an interest in the supernatural should consider picking up this Whitby book.

The Whitby Ghost Book: Hauntings Legends & Superstitions has been compiled by Paul McDermott, who is the former Collector of Dues of Whitby Harbour.

The same writer has produced a few other books about Whitby including Christmas Customs of Old Whitby, which is also highly recommended.

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Whitby: A Pictorial History

Whitby: A Pictorial History

An ideal coffee-table type book, it is clear a lot of love has gone into Whitby: A Pictorial History.

This brilliant book about Whitby features dozens of drawings, maps and photographs that are presented in black and white. A fascinating read.

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The Original Ghost Walk of Whitby

The Original Ghost Walk of Whitby – The Tour in a Book

Whitby books that focus on ghost stories are quite common but this one might just be one of the best of its kind.

The Original Ghost Walk of Whitby – The Tour in a Book, which is by author James J Browne, features some of the most famous Whitby ghost stories as well as some less-heralded tales.

Perhaps the highlight of this one is its detailed background to the legendary story of Dracula.

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Whitby Through Time

Whitby Through Time

Another effort from author Robin Cook makes it into our list of the best books about Whitby.

Whitby Through Time has sold more than 250,000 copies since it was first released, so it is certainly one of the most popular Whitby books to have ever been written.

Did you know Whitby had a key role shaping the development of the church in England? This book goes into a great level of detail about that time.

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Around Whitby Books

Around Whitby

Last but not least, Around Whitby is another of the best picture books about Whitby available.

This book is part of the Images of England series, with author D.G. Sythes having compiled it.

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  1. I was in Whitby in 2000 and while climbing the 199 steps a fella came along and asked if he could take our picture sitting on the “coffin rests”.
    That,s how we found out about what they were. The chap said he was making a book about Whitby, would really like to find out if it came to anything. I wish now we had gotten his name. Do you know of any picture books that I could research?


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